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Rules for visiting the club on match days

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Following the latest guidance on the road out of lockdown NO spectators will be allowed onto the ground on match days until 17th May 2021 at the earliest. However, the club is allowed to provide hospitality please see latest guidance below. Please follow the rules set out by the government & signed off by the ECB. Anyone not adhering to these rules may be asked to leave.


1. Under Step 2 of the government roadmap, ‘spectators’ are not permitted to attend recreational sport until earliest May 17th

2. ‘Spectators’ should be asked to leave, and the request should be logged by the club regardless of whether the person follows the request or does not

3. A parent, suitable adult or carer may attend to supervise an U18player/player with a disability. They may attend for hospitality where available, subject to following the club's guidance

4. Clubs are not responsible for controlling who views cricket in public open spaces, or for people on public footpaths, however they should not promote or encourage spectator attendance as outlined above


1. Patrons fall into the category of being a customer accessing hospitality at the cricket club

2. As part of step 2 of the current Government and ECB guidance, clubs are permitted to welcome customers who are accessing hospitality - this includes during the time that cricket is taking place. These customers must be seated at a table in areas identified within the club’s risk assessment, and must adhere to legislation and guidance as identified by the Government and ECB

3. Hospitality can be provided, for those seated at a table, in areas that the clubs risk assessment has identified as designated areas for hospitality

Our Hospitality arrangements

1. All visitors must sign in as they enter the club by using the NHS test and trace APP on the entrance board or by signing in the contacts book. Checks will be made & anyone not doing this will be asked to leave.

2. All visitors must be seated at a table in the designated hospitality areas whilst they are in the club grounds. No standing or walking around will be allowed. Maximum of 6 people or two families at each table. No tables or chairs are to be moved from their current position.

3. Visitors will not be allowed in an area that is not designated as a hospitality area so please do not sit or walk in these areas. The hospitality areas are

· The beer garden

· The grassed area to right of the beer garden

· Along the edge of the playing field in front of the club house (the boundary for the cricket will be shortened to allow this to happen)

· The concrete area to the left of the club behind the advertising boards

4. Visitors must not enter the club unless they are using the toilet facilities, masks must be worn at all times within the club house. Visitors must enter & leave by the designated doors and sanitize on entry.

5. The club’s bar will be open, orders must be made via the club’s ordering at orders@bacupcc.com. Payment for drinks can be made via the app or from a members loyalty account should they be in credit. Drinks will then be brought to your table. No one will be served who attempts to visit the bar. For those unable to order from the app then orders can be taken from the collection point at the exit door to the beer garden.

6. The tea room will be open for hot and cold food this can be ordered at the hatch & will delivered to your table. Menus will be available at your table.

7. Please keep children under close supervision at all times including when they need the toilet.

8. Players are allowed to walk in the non-hospitality areas in order to collect food and drink whilst the game is being played. On conclusion of the match they must be seated in the hospitality areas.

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