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Senior Cricket Fixtures



Saturday 27th April  

Lowerhouse 4 v Bacup 3rds


Sunday 28th April  

Nelson v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Nelson 2nds


Saturday 4th May

Cup 1st Round 

Bacup v Clitheroe1sts

Clitheroe v Bacup 2nds


Sunday 5th May  

Bacup v Rishton 1sts

Rishton v Bacup 2nds


Monday 6th May  

Bacup v Walsden 4 3rds


Saturday 11th May

Worsley Cup 1st Round Reserve Date1sts

East Lancs v Bacup 3rds


Sunday 12th May  

Accrington v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Accrington 2nds


Sunday 19th May  

Bacup v Crompton 1sts

Crompton v Bacup 2nds


Friday 24th May

T20 Bacup v Rochdale1sts


Saturday 25th May

Worsley Cup 2nd Round 1sts


Sunday 26th May  

Rawtenstall v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Rawtenstall 2nds


Monday 27th May  

Bacup v Haslingden 4 3rds


Friday 31st May

T20 Haslingden v Bacup 1sts


Saturday 1st June

Worsley Cup 2nd Round Reserve1sts

Accrington v Bacup 3rds


Sunday 2nd June  

Bacup v Colne 1sts

Church v Bacup 2nds


Friday 7th June

T20 Middleton v Bacup1sts


Sunday 9th June  

Great Harwood v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Middleton 2nds


Friday 14th June

T20 Bacup v Littleborough1sts


Saturday 15th June

Worsley Cup Quarter Finals 1sts

Bacup v Colne3rds


Sunday16th June  

Bacup v East Lancs1sts

East Lancs v Bacup 2nds


Friday 21st June

T20 Rawtenstall v Bacup1sts


Saturday 22nd June

Worsley Cup Quarter Finals Reserve Date 

Clitheroe 4 v Bacup3rds


Sunday 23rd June  

Greenmount v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Greenmount 2nds


Friday 28th June

T20 Quater Finals 1sts


Sunday 30th June  

Bacup v Ramsbottom 1sts

Rochdale v Bacup 2nds


Saturday 6th July

Worsley Cup Semi Finals 1sts

Bacup v Crompton3rds


Sunday 7th July  

Walsden v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Walsden 2nds


Saturday 13th July  

Bacup v Nelson1sts

Nelson v Bacup 2nds

Sunday 14th July  

Ramsbottom v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Rochdale 2nds

Saturday 20th July  

Ramsbottom 4 v Bacup 3rds


Sunday 21st July  

Rishton v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Rishton 2nds


Saturday 27th July

Worsley Cup Semi Finals Reserve Date1sts

Bacup v Lowerhouse 4 3rds


Sunday 28th July  

Bacup v Accrington 1sts

Accrington v Bacup 2nds


Saturday 3rd August  

Walsden 4 v Bacup 3rds


Sunday 4th August   

Crompton v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Crompton 2nds


Saturday 10th August  

Bacup v Rawtenstall 1sts

Rawtenstall v Bacup 2nds


Sunday11th August 

Worsley Cup Final1sts

Bacup v East Lancs 3rds


Saturday 17th August

Worsley Cup Final Reserve Date1sts

Haslingden 4 v Bacup 3rds


Sunday18th August   

Colne v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v Church 2nds


Saturday 24th August  

Bacup v Walsden 1sts

Walsden v Bacup 2nds


Sunday 25th August  

Bacup v Great Harwood 1sts

Middleton v Bacup  2nds

Monday 26th August

T20 Finals Day1sts

Colne v Bacup 3rds


Saturday 31st August  

Bacup v Clitheroe 4 3rds


Sunday 1st September   

East Lancs v Bacup 1sts

Bacup v East Lancs 2nds


Saturday 7th September  

Crompton v Bacup 3rds


Sunday 8th September   

Bacup v Greenmount 1sts

Greenmount v Bacup 2nds

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