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Captain’s Log - April 2018 The winter months seem to have been dominated in the Lancashire League by the ‘do they, don’t they?’ saga or, maybe more realistically, the ‘can we prove that they do?’ saga. My view on paying ‘amateurs’ is straightforward, regardless of whether it is allowed or not; it is ripping the soul out of league cricket. It is sad to see lads (some very average) leaving a club that has invested time and money in them from a young age to play elsewhere for £50 a game...sometimes less. What price for loyalty? I look forward to taking the field with a group of lads who play for Bacup because they want to, starting with a home game against Church on Sunday. Last season we saw signs of recovery and I am confident we can build on this in 2018. The signing of Simon Newbitt and the return of Ben Lord will strengthen the squad and add valuable grit and determination in the dressing room. Some of us have been busy off the field over the winter, providing cricketers of the future. Keep your eye out in 15/16 years time for William Farragher and Barney Fielding...let’s hope they’re better than their dads!!! Please come up and support the club in any way you can this summer. We never take our support for granted and hope to provide some cricket worthy of it. Here’s to a great season! Until next time


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