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Statement from the club

On Sunday 9th August 2020 there was an incident at the club in which a number of cars parked on the ground had been scratched whilst the owners were using the club's facilities.

First and foremost the club would like to express it's sincere apologies to the many of you effected by this, we know how angry and frustrated you must feel.

The club has investigated the events thoroughly, though regrettably there is no clear evidence of who is responsible.

In the light of this the club has conducted a full review of our security arrangements. We have made the decision to invest further funds to improve our security by installing new CCTV cameras and enhancing existing ones. This was not an easy decision bearing in mind the current climate but a statement of intent. We feel very strongly that spectators should be able to park on the ground without worry even though parking of cars on the ground is at the owners risk.

We would encourage that everyone who’s effected contact the police directly under crime reference 04/120285/20

We also want to make it clear that the club was not involved in any personal accusations which took place on social media following.

Once again our deepest regret as to what has happened and we hope that this will not detract you from future visits to the club and enjoyment of our facilities.

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