To keep our staff and customers safe entry to the club until further notice will be for MEMBERS ONLY.

No drinks will be served to non-members. Non-members can make themselves members prior to visiting the club by signing up online at MEMBERSHIPS

Members will be allowed to bring one guest with them but drinks will need to be purchased from the members loyalty account.


Members can top up their loyalty cards in advance of their visit by visiting the club’s online ordering page


Club opening times may vary so check social media.

Friday 10th July 5pm till 10pm

Saturday 11th July 2020 from 2pm to 10pm

Sunday 12th July from 2pm to 9pm

There will be further rules and signs positioned at the club for your guidance.

Please stay safe everyone for the protection of all. Anyone not following these rules will be asked to leave.





These rules are designed to keep our staff and customers safe whilst on the club’s premises.

Please follow the strict one way system within the club which is enter the club through the main door at all times, exiting the club can be done through the fire door onto the beer garden or by the dance floor in the function room (this can only be used as an entry door for anyone needing disabled access.)

Please sanitise your hands using the products provided on entry to the club.

Please sit at only one table during your visit, no moving around to talk to other groups, and make

sure there are a maximum of 4, with a maximum of 2 households, using a table during your visit.

Children must be seated at a table at all times whilst inside the club.

Please use the toilets in the function room, Boundary Bar Toilets are not in use.

Standing at or paying for drinks over the bar will not be allowed. Purchasing of drinks/snacks, where possible, will be done through the clubs online drink ordering page, where members can also top up their loyalty cards. Drinks/snacks will then be delivered to your table or suitable drop off point.

For those who do not have access to the online ordering page or are unable to make card payments can top up their cards, using cash, when placing an order from their table. No change will be given.

The designated smoking area is on the road side corner of the beer garden, access to this area is

via the fire door to the beer garden, smoking is not allowed outside the main entrance.

Anyone not following these rules, designed for the safety of everyone, will be asked to leave.